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Netropolitan & Beyond

Netropolitan and MetaHub's virtual worlds heralds a new era of virtual engagement, transforming every interaction into an immersive experience that transcends physical borders. It redefines connectivity, enabling real-time collaboration and socialising in a richly detailed, interactive digital landscape.


Here, learning, networking, and creativity converge, heralding a future where distance is obsolete, and the possibilities for innovation are limitless.

Enhancing Business Onboarding/Training

We offer businesses a revolutionary way to improve employee engagement, streamline the onboarding process, and support remote workers in an immersive, interactive world tailored to specific industry needs.

Conferences, Events & Community Building

We enable community hubs that foster unparalleled engagement and collaboration. Our virtual worlds serve as dynamic spaces for interaction, where users can meet, share, and grow together in ways that mirror the richness of real-world communities

Attracting International Students

We break down geographical barriers, opening doors for universities to attract international students through virtual campuses. Our approach supports virtual exchange programs and global classrooms, fostering cultural exchange and expanding educational reach.

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